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PCB Inshore Fishing Charters endeavor to give you the best Inshore Fishing experience in Seacrest, FL, as well as nearshore, backwater, and light tackle fishing experience. Capt. Chris Nguyen and Capt. Andrew is USCG authorized and insured. They are both all around experienced in the coastal marshes across Seacrest, Florida.

Experienced Inshore Fishing Charters in Seacrest, FL

With more than 30 years of fishing experience, Captains Chris Nguyen and Andrew are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and beneficial experience.  Managing you to a fun, important, and effective Inshore Fishing in Seacrest, Florida.

They are both USCG authorized and insured Captains and offer fishing trips in the Seacrest Florida areas. If you’re keen on a memorable, educational, fun, light tackle fishing experience, PCB Inshore Fishing Charters is the right choice for you. Call us now, we are consistently happy to hear from you and to help you in making your fishing plans a memorable one. Grab the kids and how about we go fishing!

Best Charter Fishing in Seacrest, FL

In case you’re searching for an incredible day on the waters with a guided charter fishing trip in Seacrest FL you’ve come to the perfect place!

Our Waters are home to probably the best inshore fishing and have become a goal for both novice and genuine anglers over the globe. Surrounded by the abundant landscape of wildlife, and marsh presents world-class fishing opportunities. Regardless of your degree of expertise, there is a variety of difficulties for all skill levels.

Get in on the action with a guided fishing trip from Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing Charters.

Best Inshore Fishing Captains in Seacrest, FL

Our Captains are USCG-insured and licensed captains with more than thirty years of inshore fishing experience in Seacrest FL. They began working the Gulf Coasts waters part-time at the teenage age of sixteen and went to work full time. As fishermen, our captains have become a “social butterfly” and enjoy helping people, particularly helping children catch fish.

We work hard for anglers to give you the best chance to succeed out on the water. Alongside making some incredible memories, they likewise endeavor to make long-lasting friendships with every individual who steps foot on the deck of our boats.

With this expertise and years of experience in fishing charters for families and anglers of all levels, you should not hesitate to get in touch with us to plan your fishing charter.

What You Can Expect On Your Fishing Charter in Seacrest, FL

Fishing runs on a typical day on the water keeps going for around 6 hours, with groups of up to six individuals. We love to interact with our visitors and create connections that endure forever.

Our safe and spacious boats are always in the mood for fishing the nearshore bays and shallow lakes in and across Seacrest. We head out promptly in the first part of the day to exploit the best fishing available. And, take all the necessary provisions to guarantee you’re comfortable for your entire fishing trip.

However, if you prefer to fish in the evening, we offer late afternoon/evening fishing trips. Particularly during the hotter summer months when the days are longer. You can book a trip of a lifetime regardless of what inshore fish species you want to catch.

Get in touch with us today to plan a charter fishing trip in Seacrest, FL!

Speckled Trout Fishing Trips in Seacrest FL

Speckled Trout Fishing Trips in Seacrest, FL, are also known as Spotted Sea Trout Fishing. They are in abundance all over the gulf coast of Florida. Their color can be dim light or silverish color and sometimes with dark spots all down the side of the fish’s body.

Speckled Trout Fish are mostly 3 to 4 pounds each, and some as extensive as 8+ pounds. They like to target life, moving prey, so fake swim-baits are frequently the best tackle. We follow the relocation of speckled trout throughout the entire year. During the summer months, speckled trout are along the coast closer to beaches and boundary islands. And, during the winter, they will have moved to inland canals.

There is significantly more to catch on the shores during your inshore fishing in Seacrest, FL. Flounder, cobia, tarpon, and numerous species are in the nearshore and back cove waters.

PCB Inshore Fishing Charters welcomes you! Contact us today to experience inshore fishing in Seacrest, FL!

Inshore Fishing trips in Seacrest FL

An ever-increasing number of individuals now know the benefits of inshore fishing in the secured backwaters of the Seacrest areas. With a wide variety of species to seek after in the one-of-a-kind ecosystem and labyrinth of Seacrest Florida, there is typically a ton of activity.

It could be nearshore fishing for bull redfish or Cobia. Sight casting to redfish on the flats, live bait fishing for large flounders or throwing baits to speckled trout in the creeks. Captains Chris Nguyen and Andrew are very familiar with the local backwaters and know how to put you where the fish are.

Redfish Fishing in Seacrest, FL

Florida Redfish are present in many spots. From offshore in many feet of water to shallow freshwater ponds, swimming alongside bass and other freshwater fish. Redfish are usually only a few pounds to 60+ pounds. They have a bronze color with a dark spot close to the tail.

Captains use several strategies to catch this trophy fish, yet the most loved among the locals is sight casting. You move gradually through the mash and cast them using spoons, swimbaits, or topwater baits. Anglers can come anytime during the year to catch Redfish, as they are always available in the waters.


What Inshore Fish Species do We Catch?

Inshore fish range from only a couple of inches to 50 pounds, depends upon the areas we fish and the species we target. Whatever fish you’re after, there’s a decent possibility we can discover the right spot to place a bend in your rod and a smile on your face!

The seashore coastal areas are stacked with redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead, dark drum, flounder, cobia, and even sharks!

Alongside the chance to catch such a wide variety of fish on any given day, the experience itself is one you’ll always remember. Every month of the year carries its own advantages to fishing, so regardless of when you need to fish, have confidence that something is locking around at any time of the year.

Our Fishing Guide experts in Seacrest, FL have gone through lots of hours on their boat perfecting the fishery and knowing where to find fish in all conditions. This makes your Inshore Fishing in Seacrest Florida worth each penny and time.