Inshore Fishing Categories

Inshore Fishing Categories

Inshore Fishing Categories

Get all the information you need to target your favorite inshore species. For many, it might be redfish, speckled trout or flounder. Angling in Panama City, Florida provides even more opportunities with a possible tarpon or cobia if you are really lucky. Whatever species you target, we will help you land more of them. Below are some of the most popular inshore species to catch.

Inshore Fishing Techniques

Some fishermen love inshore fishing because of the sight-fishing opportunities. Other anglers love using light tackle to target hard-fighting fish close to home. Still others like inshore fishing because of its similarities to hunting: You have to locate and outwit fish before they spot you. No matter the reason you love inshore fishing, we provide you with the techniques to catch a trophy. and make memories that will last a lifetime for you and your children.

Inshore Fishing Boats

Bay boats, flats boats and skiffs are specialized for inshore anglers to reach those shallow waters you simply can’t get to in a center console. Shallow draft, lighter weights and lesser horsepower are common traits of inshore boats. Still, there are plenty of inshore boat options available to anglers. We use what we think works best for our area and over the years have proven to be successful.

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